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Build your own ride hailing app like Uber

Uber has taken the world of urban transportation by storm — at least in most countries where they operate. However, they didn’t start off like that. It was humble beginnings for the multi-billion dollar company in 2009 when it only catered to luxury cabs which were priced around 150% of taxi fares at that time. It was supposed to be a company that catered to a niche audience of urban travellers who could spend extra for a better service.

Well — fast forward to 2020 and it’s a completely different world for the ride hailing company, undercutting taxi prices in most places they operate in.

What does it take to build an app like Uber?

Well — to start with, it’s two different apps. One for the drivers and one for the riders. Drivers are able to create profiles and link up with Uber’s back end systems to show they vehicle and it’s availability on a map when a rider is trying to book up a cab. Riders on the other hand are able to view cabs near them and instantly book the one closest to them.

The app relies heavily on GPS data to achieve this exchange of location information.

Beyond this core function — the app features numerous functions like automatic bill calculation, fare reimbursements for drivers, ratings system to keep their driver and rider ecosystems healthy and several new safety features like “track my trip” and others.

Of course the app didn’t start off with this level of automation when they launched — but slowly integrated features as they became more and more relevant.

A lot of apps use basically the same structure as Uber to power their services — like food and grocery delivery startups, services like doordash, etc.

It is now possible to build your own app like Uber and use it to power travel, transport or transfer of goods from any point to any point in the world. can bring your app to life rapidly and with 100% financing which allows you to conserve cash initially for more important activities like marketing and operations.

Opening up access to over 800+ top tier developers, you can theoretically build an app like Uber in less than 2 months and for as little as $400 per month with financing. All you need to do is find a gap in the market and find your market in the gap.

apps developed by LordsOfCode come with a complete 12 month warranty for bug fixes and unlimited updates to keep you ahead of the game and allow you to focus on what truly matters — growing your business.

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