Build an app like Headspace for just $300 / month with

Build a wellness or meditation app like Headspace or Calm

Mental wellness and meditation apps are all the rage at the moment. And, for good reason. A hyper quick world and it’s inconsistency to offer support leads to disturbed minds and lives.

Headspace has raised over 200 million dollars in funding ever since it started captivating users while Calm achieved a valuation of $2.2 Billion in the last round. As social media continues to make inroads in our lives, this segment is only going to get more popular.

The most important part in building a successful wellness app is content and logic. What do you think people need? How can you deliver it to them in a simple, easy to understand and implement way? Should they trust you to give them a right choice to help them live better and happier?

Once you answer these questions — the hard part is over.

Needless to say, technology is evolving fast now to make wellness apps even more effective than they are. Apps are now using sensors to help users stay focused and on track as they are guided to peaceful worlds and thoughts.

So, are you ready to build the next headspace or calm app?

Head on over to and get up to 100% financing on the complete development costs to bring your idea to reality + access to over 800 of the most talented developers in the world who work with you to make your app a true success.

How soon could it all come true?

Well — you might be just 9 weeks and $300 a month away from success with your own wellness app. Visit today!



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