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Building a game like Angry Birds

Angry Birds took the world by storm — generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and billions of hours of endless fun for players around the world.

Who wouldn’t want to replicate that success!

Game development is complicated and arduous — probably more than mobile apps because you spend a lot of time to create your characters and the worlds they live in from scratch. With apps — a lot of standards exist that most developers adhere to, so customers can expect a “familiar” experience.

Angry birds relied on the rapid development of physics engines to build a game that was extremely simple for users to understand and delivered frequent “small victories” to keep the players hooked to the game.

Games need to deliver small victories to players to give them a sense of achievement — bragging rights if you will.

Angry Birds was the 52nd game developed by Rovio — the company behind the iconic game. After initial release, Angry Birds got a fairly lukewarm response which kicked up only after the game was featured in UK’s App Store.

It is said that the initial budget to create the game was capped at just 100,000 Euros.

Who started it all? Well a senior game designer in Rovio named Jaakko Iisalo.

You must remember that there is no sure shot way to achieve success in the hyper competitive gaming space. New titles spring up every day and making games successful takes a lot of time, effort and money.

You will have to advertise and get your first 10–25,000 users who will then make your game viral if they truly love it.

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