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build a game like AmongUs

AmongUs is one of those addictive multiplayer games users just can seem to put away. And, it’s just one of those indicators that highlight the power of multiplayer games.

Creating a multiplayer game is fairly complex. You have to deal with latency and bandwidth issues that come with many players participating in a single game while ensuring that the overall experience is smooth and fun.

AmongUs does it in a simple, elegant way.

Users play in teams to figure out which one of them is an imposter. The game instils a feeling of teamwork and achievement that keeps players coming back for more.

It’s just the sort of unpredictable gameplay that makes up an addictive game.

Now you can build a game like AmongUs in 10 weeks and just $400 per month with financing from

LordsOfCode is an innovative app development company that is pioneering rapid application development and cutting development times and costs by as much as 80% as compared to traditional development.

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