Build an app like Tinder for just $300 / month with LordsOfCode

Build a dating app like Tinder

Tinder has taken the world by storm — inspite of the fact that it was already a fairly crowded space when they entered it. It represents the opportunities you have within the online dating space if developers just innovate and offer that little extra which users will love.

Tinder works by matching profiles of people who swiped “yes” for each other while allowing users to browse through all profiles.

It’s just the kind of app that users would want — giving them a heads up into what the other person looks like and a brief section on themselves. For some reason, we are reminded of “hot or not”.

It is estimated that the app currently has around 6.6 million paying customers paying anywhere between $9.99–19.99 a month. offers you the opportunity to build and launch your own dating app for as low as $300 per month and 9 weeks in development.

Too late to enter, you say?

Of course — if you are trying to tap into the same market. But, what if you were to start a dating app for Harry Potter fans? Or maybe a dating app for super shy people? Perhaps you want to bring cycling fans together in love!

The possibilities are truly endless.

So, if you want to build a dating app like tinder, let’s get started. Log on to and add in your project brief to get an estimate in 24 hours. Who knows…you will be the next rich cupid of the world!



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