Build an app like Bumble for just $300 / month with

Build a dating app like Bumble

With more than $240 million in revenues in 2019, Bumble is one of the most successful dating apps today.

The app itself relies on delivering a great experience to people looking at connecting with each other for romance, hook ups, etc.

While operating the same as other dating apps out there — the key difference with Bumble is it’s women first approach. It’s women who choose to begin conversations.

Wolfe Herd, who was one of the first employees at Tinder is the founder of Bumble and as such many similarities can be seen in the two apps. This goes back to our constant endeavour with clients — to bring in an interesting twist to existing apps that feel truly fresh.

Bumble did it with it’s women first approach. offers you the opportunity to build an app like Bumble with your own twist to the matching and communication logic.

With our innovative subscription pricing model, it will take just about 9 weeks and $300 per month to build your own, fully custom dating app like Bumble.

Well, let’s head on over to, tell us your requirements and we’ll get you an estimate to start up right away!



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